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Saturday, August 12, 2006

I Can Boogie!

Apparently, a lot of things managed to happen during the Sabbath.

What shall we say? Over 60 years after bemoaning not having an army to defend ourselves with against present-day Hamans and Chemielnitzkis, we now have an army… but also a political leadership that orders it to cease fire at the exact time it’s fulfilling its raison d’être.

I’m trying, trying to muster hope now. I’m trying to think Olmert agreed to the UN vi a toyten bankesdeal for the eyes of the world only (Kahane’s “Dear world” that he found “hard to please”), for gaining a positive view when we have to retaliate when the Hizbullah inevitably fails to live up to its own part of the deal. That’s the lesser of two evils, because it would mean a Jewish leader hasn’t yet learned that the world despises the sight of Jews defending themselves, in any way, at any time, period, and that we are better off stopping our ears from hearing all the protests and screams (not to mention cutting down on the apologies). Being sympathized with is nice, but staying alive is even nicer.

The worse of the two evils is that he actually means it, actually believes the UN deal could give us lasting peace. The deal puts the UNIFIL back in those same areas, back where they’d been for 6 years after the Israeli evacuation of Lebanon in 2000 and put a blind eye to Hizbullah’s armament at best. We’re entrusting our safety, our lives, not just to Gentiles, but to those known to be anti-Semitic, up to their very leader, the corrupt and red-handed Kofi Annan. The same UN that caused the Six-Day War (1967) by vacating the Sinai Peninsula right after Nasser’s orders, no questions asked. The same Kofi Annan that didn’t do squat to halt the genocide, the true genocide, in Rwanda. Lunacy!

Can an Israeli Prime Minister think in such a way? Unfortunately, we know he can. Ariel Sharon expelled all the Jews of Gaza for the sake of peace, although he had been elected on the crest of the Second Intifada, the Palestinians’ gift to Ehud Barak. Olmert talked during the current war about going on with the evacuations, evacuating the West Bank, once it was over. For quite a few days after the abduction of the soldiers on July 12th, it looked like the government of Israel had, as one YNET poster on the talkbacks said, experienced the medical miracle of having grown testicles. I had a feeling it couldn’t last. And, barring the option of chessboxing mentioned above, I was probably right.

OK, now for the title: it appears photoshopping (or fauxtoshopping, or reutering) has become the top new Internet pastime, so there’s no way I’m going to be left out. Hence, “I Can Fauxto” too. Now, don’t tell me the photoshopping is obvious—I’m already aware of the fact that my photoshopping skills are on a par with those of the renowned Adnan Hajj. It’s not going to change anytime soon, so feel free to make a better version (Google Images for the raw materials).

Picture: Olmert's head stuck on top of Chamberlain in the infamous 1938 picture
“I believe it is Shalom Lizmanenu.” (But see Jeremiah 6:14 for a first opinion.)

Again, I really, fervently hope I’m wrong here. And finally, the last word doesn’t belong to a political leader, or to any human at that, but to the Lord of the Universe. Our actions may postpone a little His decision to execute His plans, but they will come to pass.

UPDATE (August 13, 10:53): Better ones. (Hat Tip: commenter Bozoer Rebbe on Pierre Legrand, via his comment on LGF.)


Anonymous Tom P. said...

Hi, ZY. This is Tom P. from American Future. Are you in Israel? I'm wondering what the Israeli media is saying about this.

August 13, 2006 12:35 AM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Yes. Not in missile range (the Jerusalem area, safe until August 22, according to Adolfhitlerjad).

Israeli media is every bit a catastrophe as American media: lefties everywhere. I'm now taking the Israeli media in small doses, because it's very demoralizing.

The Israeli media gives opinion space for leftists and sometimes a few rightists. On the positive side, I can say some of the leftists have become disillusioned by this war. Playwright Yehoshua Sobol is one good example of a leftist who now doesn't believe the other side wants peace. On the negative side, some of the leftist have only gotten worse: B. Michael is the worst offender, excusing the other side and vilifying Israeli actions at every turn.

As for the current move: most of the columnists express disappointment at Olmert for having spoken such great words at the beginning, only to back out now. A few of them are trying to look at the good points of the agreement, what Israel gained.

But again, the media (even the columnists) is one thing and the public is another. The public is overwhelmingly angry. The evacuees of northern Israel are asking how they could come back to their cities when they know it'll all start over again in a few months tops.

It's a depressing time. YNET features an article (not yet in English, as far as I know) about the voices from Arab world expressing encouragement from the outcome of the conflict, saying it shows it's possible to destroy "the Zionist project". So we already have before us the first fruits of appeasement.

August 13, 2006 1:44 AM  
Anonymous Tom P. said...

I wish I can give you something besides the usual platitude. I have relatives in Taiwan (definitely within missile range), so I believe me when I say you have my sympathy. As far as I'm concern, America is in the business of looking out for small nations. Hang in there.

August 13, 2006 2:38 AM  

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