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Friday, August 04, 2006

Life under Shariah

Riccione, 3 August (AKI) - One of Italy’s most popular Adriatic Sea resorts, Riccione, is set to open the country’s first beach exclusively for Muslim women.

(Hat Tip: LGF)

In this post I will write briefly about what life under Islamic law entails. Before I get into the matter itself, it is necessary to deflect the equivalence between the institution of Islamic shariah and Jewish halachah (equating Islam and Judaism or Christianity is the dhimmi’s favorite refuge):

First, halachah is only for the nation of Israel. Jews never proselytize or encourage the observance of Jewish law to any non-Jews, as we hold that G-d has given only Jews a special burden. So Jewish law, though it requires separation between men and women as does (lehavdil) shariah, never commands the recruitment of the state or host country for that purpose. Sexual separation, kashrut, shabbat and all other laws are to be kept within the Jews’ own jurisdictions, not to intrude upon public, non-Jew space.

Second, although halachah is binding upon anyone born to a Jewish mother, the worst that can befall those who do not observe it is shunning. No death to apostates. No honor killings. No hanging in the town square for treason. A religious Jewish community can take measures against those who step out of line, but only up to a point, and then it becomes G-d’s business alone. Muslims, in contrast, perform all divine duties except putting the offender in hell.

Third, those rules of the halachah that pertain to state matters are void until the coming of the Messiah. Islamic law, including its highest political rulings, is to be implemented right now.

I hope that clears any initial objections to an essay about the dangers of shariah law by a Jew.

“Islam Will Dominate”, say the signs. Islam is about the domination, the rulership, the sovereignty, the kingship of Allah. The institution of Islamic law is the way Allah rules. Any state that is ruled not according to Allah’s law, shariah, is in rebellion against Allah. Islam speaks in a way seductive to the Marxist mind: it speaks of “justice” against “oppression”. But the words do not mean what Western people think they mean. Let the state be the fairest in its politics, full of courts upholding justice, and with a welfare system ensuring alms to the poor—if that state is not ruled by shariah, it is not a just state in Islamic eyes, it is still an oppressive state. Marxists think the Islamic theofascists speak their own language, but make no mistake: should those Islamic theofascists achieve their goal of dominance of a state, they will not tolerate Communist laws. And the thousands of Tudeh Party members executed by Ayatollah Khomeini are witnesses of that. But the Marxists are blinded by their hatred for the Judeo-Christian West.

There is no freedom of religion under shariah: apostates are to be executed by state authorities, as are the likes of the Jyllands-Posten cartoonists. Blasphemy laws maybe a quaint, no longer implemented holdover in Britain, but in Islam they are important instruments of Allah’s rule. Christians can protest, boycott or plea politely against blasphemous portrayals of Jesus, but Muslims are instructed by shariah to punish violently the mockers of Allah and his prophet. It is working right now: parents in the West teach their children that violence and bullying are not the answer, but those same parents would think twice before drawing Mohammed cartoons, in contradistinction to Moses or Jesus cartoons, solely because of the reactions of the Muslims. Might makes right.

The all-inclusive nature of shariah has given rise to communautarisme (the condition of a state within a state) in all of Europe over. The multiculturalists say, “We let the Jews keep their kosher laws in the past, so why shouldn’t we let Muslims do the same with their laws?” But when ever were Jews in their host countries seen to observe this:

Picture: Iranian woman being buried before stoning

Above is a picture from Iran, of a woman being buried up to her neck before stoning (the captions are my addition; you figure out the allusions). This is as much a part of shariah law as is halal food. It demonstrates the weak underbelly of multiculturalism: the inability to define how far the meaning of the term “culture” extends.

No one would object to a Kabuki Day in a prestigious London theater. Art for the sake of art is the proper venue for a multitude of tastes. But science, religion and politics are not matters of taste. Controversy and dissent are proper, but each side must be willing to back up their assertions before they can be accepted. No eyebrows would be raised by the statement, “I prefer Kabuki to Shakespearean drama”. More than eyebrows should be raised by the statement, “I prefer stoning adulterous women to having them just divorce their husbands”.

Communautarisme is not desired by the Muslims either. They see the present situation as a temporary one, until shariah is finally instituted on the host state. That done, they would certainly not tolerate a communautarisme of non-Islamic law within their shariah-governed state.

If, then, communautarisme is not in the interests of either Muslims or non-Muslims, why do Western states persist in allowing shariah communautarisme within them? As the news link at the top of the post hints, it is the usual combination of Chamberlainian appeasement and Marxist useful-idiotarianism (the irony: it was Lenin coined the term “useful idiots”, regarding capitalist sympathizers and collaborators with Communism). As Prime Minister John Howard of Australia said, it is the interest of Western states that only Western law be the acceptable one within them.

But if the West insists that only Western law is acceptable, and the Muslims insist, as I said, that only shariah is acceptable to Allah, do we not have a world conflict here? Sure we do! We have a conflict between the rule of the free and the detachment of apostate and adulteress and blasphemer heads from their bodies. The more we postpone the awareness of the sickness, the more painful it will be to cure it. The more beaches we give the Islamofascists, the earlier we wake up one day with our mainlands in the embrace of the crescent.

He who gives the cockerel wisdom to wake up in time, may He give us also. Amen.


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