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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The End of Chomskyanism

Picture: Noam Chomsky in a meeting with Hassan Nasrallah (shr"y)
Noam Chomsky in a meeting with Hassan Nasrallah (shr"y)

There were quislings long before Vidkun Quisling, but the appellation has stuck because of his prominence in such infamy. Jews against Jews are as old as Judaism itself, but Chomsky epitomizes the self-loathing, disaster-courting Jew in our day.

What leads Jews to speak against their people and land and religion, and to consort with those who have vowed to wipe out Israel as a nation, like Chomsky with Nasrallah or the Naturei Karta traitors with Ahmadinejad (shr"y)? The Orthodox religious reason has so far been that abandoning Torah and mitzvot inevitably leads to this road, but Zionism was started by East European Jews who had gone with the Haskalah (the European Enlightenment in the Jewish context), such as Pinsker (zt"l) and Herzl (zt"l); and the Naturei Karta traitors who went to Ahmadinejad to bless him and to warn against “Zionist machinations” were by no means secular Jews—quite the opposite, they are Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox). With the caveat that everything is in the hands of HaShem, yet also under free will on the part of all humans, I propose another look at the reasons for going down the road of Chomskyanism.

Chomskyanism is motivated by both selfish and selfless reasons. The first, selfish, reason is plain appeasement, dhimmitude, what Winston Churchill called feeding a crocodile in hopes of being eaten last. Chomskyan Jews hope that, by expressing hatred of Judaism and Israel, the Jew-hating Gentiles will spare them of the destruction they threaten to wreak upon all other Jews. Anti-Zionist Jews today believe in the illegitimacy of the state of Israel, and therefore in the justness of dismantling it; for the case that, upon achieving that, the enemy should dig trenches and drop killed Jews into them, as Mohammed did to the Bani Koreizah and Hitler’s Einsatzgruppen did 1300 years afterwards, they would show them those photographs of them sitting next to their leaders, and then the Gentiles would say, “ah, because you have stood for us, you are our friend and we will spare your life”.

Picture: Naturei Karta traitors in an anti-Israel demonstration.
Naturei Karta traitors in an anti-Israel demonstration. Taken by zombie.

The second reason is guilt or the desire to steer the Jewish people into the right path, once the self-hating Jew has decided that the form of Judaism he has left is wrong but he still does not want to cut himself off from the Jewish people. The Naturei Karta traitors see Judaism as having gone astray with Zionism, and believe (wrongly; see previous post) that G-d does not approve of Zionism. The Leftist Jews like Chomsky think Jewishness consists in standing up for the oppressed; they are right, but then they, like most non-Jewish Leftists, have been lured by the siren song of Muslim propaganda, which has Muslims in the role of the oppressed of the world and Zionist Jews (and the colonialist West as a whole) as oppressors.

The Leftist Jewish self-haters hate the religion and think of Jewishness as nothing more than a cultural identity; and the Naturei Karta traitors vanquish the long-prayed notions of Jewish nationhood upon the soil of Israel and confine themselves to religion until the coming of the Messiah. But as Dennis Prager says, Jewishness cannot abide discarding any of the three strings: nation, religion and land. The objections to this may be plentiful and well-written, but G-d has His way of overcoming them all: by putting hard facts in front of the objectors.

Nothing exemplifies this more today than the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s rejection of Yoav Shamir. Shamir is a post-Zionist, a Chomskyan Israeli Jew, whose film in question is “Five Days”, which depicts the IDF’s “ill-treatment” (anti-Semitic code for “Jews daring to defend themselves”) of Palestinians at border stations (preventing the poor souls from giving Jews the gift of little steel ball-bearings from their death vests). Surely Shamir would be a candidate for singling out a Jew for good treatment, wouldn’t he? No matter: he’s an Israeli, part of the “Zionist war machine”, and unless he takes decisive action against the “Zionist oppressor”, he will be accorded the same treatment as any other Jew. If he does take such actions, he will be allowed to live a little longer, and to enjoy publicity in Leftist and Muslim media channels as an outstanding useful idiot.

As were many Jews in 1930’s Germany: Enlightened, free of the primitive ideology of the Ostjuden, taking great care to distance them from Zionism so as to avoid accusations of dual loyalty, pledging themselves to Germany, regarding Berlin as their Jerusalem. But one fine day, a Jew of this kind would go back to his shop to find a writing sprayed on the window:

Picture: Anti-Semitic graffiti on a Jew's shop in 1930's Germany.
“Am I not a good German?”, not in standard German, but in mock-Yiddish.

He had probably been striving, all his life, to forget that he was a Jew. “I am a German like everybody else!”, he would exclaim. But the Germans were having none of that. Then, a few days later, his profits would fall to nearly zero, for whoever of the Germans who still wished to buy at his shop would be stopped by the soldiers standing beside it:

Picture: Nazi soldier standing in front a Jewish shop, with a sign not to buy from the Jews.
“Germans! Defend yourselves! Do not buy at the shops of Jews!”, says the sign.

And then… you already know, I don’t need to tell you.

That is the End of the Chomskyan Road: a Nasrallah saying to you, “thank you, Mr Chomsky, you have been most helpful to me in achieving the destruction of the Jews”, and thereafter, to his men, “and now kill him”. To cries of mercy, and to eyes that now realize the depth of the disaster.

Here is not a request that Jews treat all Gentiles with mistrust and contempt, nor that they all be religious or hardcore Zionists or both, but just that they open their eyes to see who is really a friend and who is really a foe. Led by their feelings alone, they walk the road to perdition.

Uvacharta bachayim! (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Picture: The Western Wall of the Temple



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