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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bomb and Arson Attacks in Thailand

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

From the AP report:

BANGKOK, Thailand - Assailants carried out at least 40 bomb and arson attacks Tuesday night in Thailand's three Muslim-dominated southernmost provinces, police said. At least three people were reported hurt.

“Assailants”. Makes it sound like someone was mugged by gangsters while walking in a dark alley. As with the Seattle incident a few days ago, when Naveed Haq (shr"y) shot at Jewish women, the Mainstream Media is loath to call Voldemort by name. You’re provided a slight clue as to the identity and cause of those “assailants”, but the dhimmis at AP still want to minimize the risk of being decapitated when shariah comes to their provinces.

The attacks are the latest in a series believed to have been carried out by Muslim separatists, regional deputy police chief Maj. Woraphong Siewpricha said. Thai media said government installations were the targets.

“Muslim separatists”. So when the press finally get around to mentioning the M-word, they qualify it with a word taken from the last two centuries’ bobba maissesdiscourse: separatists, meaning it’s a nationalistic dispute, and by implication, solvable through negotiations and incentive packages.

Here, as in Qana, the media are a fully-fledged arm of the war. If there’s a distinctive feature of this coming world war (between the Islamic world and the rest of the world), it’s the role of propaganda in influencing military outcomes. To be sure, this had its start in Vietnam, but now it’s a honed weapon, employed skillfully by the Muslims, true to the heritage of the Arab desert where the shaer, the poet of the tribe, would with his words give heart to the tribe and discourage the enemy and thus make or break the result of the armed conflict. We’re now hearing the call loud and clear, not to trust that our more powerful technology will guarantee victory, but to fight back ferociously in the war of minds.

The Jihad in Thailand is a g-dsend for the kafir offensive in the war of minds. You see, in almost all other venues of the Islamic Jihad, a historical-materialist, Marxist ideologue (the bulk of modern Western academia, policymakers and the press) can spin it into his mode of explanation. Israel? They’ve stolen Palestinian lands. The United States of America? They’re occupiers of an Arab state and supporters of Israel. Britain? They’re in Iraq too. Spain? A former Islamic land, so Muslim attacks there reflect nostalgia for the glorious past. India? In dispute with a sovereign state (Pakistan) over territory (Kashmir). For every argument as to religious war, an answer as to territorial, material, rational conflict.

But Thailand is different. Thailand does not aid Israel, is not a former Islamic land, does not have a territorial dispute with a neighboring Islamic state, has no troops in Iraq … in short, none of those causes that serve the Marxist narrative. There is nothing behind the Thai Jihad but this: Muslims, having settled in Southern Thailand long ago, now use the area as a launching point for the global Jihad. Just like the Islamic hordes pouring, unprovoked, into Byzantine and Persian lands in the 7th centuries, then using the shores of the Mediterranean to raid, pillage and rape Christian Europe, right until the 18th century. The Saracens of the Middle Ages and the raiders of Tripoli (as in “from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli”) were a terror to Europe until dealt heavy blows (or, in today’s lingo, “disproportionate response”).

The terrorist attacks in Thailand cannot be explained away by appeal to any “legitimate grievances”. They are pure, unadultered acts of Islamic aggression and imperialism, as indeed the whole world over, but in this case without any possibility of putting a politically-correct figleaf on them. The question that should be presented to the dhimmi media and academia is: how can we trust in negotiations for peace with the Muslims when they attack non-Muslims without any rational cause to do so? I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in the possibility of peace (and I mean permanent peace, not a hudna for the sake of rearmament!) with people who can’t control themselves in the face of mere line-drawings, and who can’t live in peace with a state that has never hurt them in any way—a state that does not lend support to any of the usually-mentioned enemies of Islam and is not under control of Colonialist White Man™. There is nothing here but a non-Muslim state, and there is nothing about the attackers but that they are Muslims. Nothing here but our basic problem with Islam.

Open your eyes, non-Muslims!



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