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Friday, June 29, 2007

Tip: Haveil Havalim #122

The topmost Jewish blog carnival reaches its 122nd issue, for June 24, 2007, hosted on me-ander. As usual with those issues where the host has graciously accepted my submissions, I now feature the reciprocal, with the posts I liked best:

  1. Our sages say every lesson should begin with a joke, in order to lighten the atmosphere. They were talking about Torah classes, of course, but I’ll apply it here too: Olmert: Hamas Takeover – Opportunity For Peace With Settlers!, on Israel Satire Laboratory, from June 20, 2007. The only trouble with humor in this topic is it nearly always invokes the adage, “This would be funny if it weren’t sad”.
  2. Sultan Knish gets kudos from me both for re-inverting the David and Goliath parable to reflect reality (it has become a foregone conclusion among the Leftscum that the modern descendants of the Jews are Goliath while those who adorn themselves with a name derived from the Philistines are David) and for using the term, “Islam” without all the fashionable modifiers (“radical” and all that stuff), in his post Goliath’s Challenge – Islam and the World, from June 18, 2007.
  3. Elder of Ziyon brings the sixth part of his Psychological History of Palestinian Arabs, from June 19, 2007. One of the things that should be evidence enough that the other side doesn’t want to see a single inch of Jewish sovereignty in this area is that events from about 60 years ago can be converted to today’s news just by changing a few names, and EoZ’s post is a superb demonstration of that.
  4. From Planck’s Constant comes Israel Creates more in One Month than Islam in a Century, from June 18, 2007. The “reality-based community”, of course, prefers to focus on “the inherent injustce of Israel’s founding”. Sweet will be the day of revenge, when G-d throws them in the same fire as their Muslim allies.
  5. On a lighter but still serious note: Go Golan: Life in the Golan Heights has a picture from the Golan Heights which would make any Romanticist drool (at least until the moment he hears we Jews took it from Syria…), in Inspirations from the Golan, from June 11, 2007. Under Islamic management, which so many seem so keen to advocate for the sake of “peace”, the same site would be a strip of scorched earth, same as the Gaza greenhouses after the expulsion of all the Jews.
  6. More on how we’re much better than them (not that it needs proving, but there’s always some chance that it could penetrate the ample diameter of the cranium of a person of sinister political persuasion): Solomonia brings an old story, now made worth reminding by the events, of how Hamas leader’s three sisters live secretly in Israel as full citizens, from June 18, 2007. What a classic example of a-PART-heid! A-PART-heid, I tell you! A-PAAAAAAART-HEID!!!!!
  7. Robert J. Avrech of Seraphic Secret, in his post The Rupture, from June 20, 2007, shows how Israel has always been used as a scapegoat and dumping-ground for every tinpot Arab dictator who couldn’t deal with the self-inflicted troubles in his country. I wish for the speedy coming of the day when Israel has a leader who says to those pinheads, “The buck stops here!”—the words of the American president who signed the birth of Israel.
  8. Speaking of Israel’s leaders, or would-be ones, Batya of Shiloh Musings has the post Bibi has crossed the line!, from June 22, 2007, on Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent plan to bring Jordanian troops into Judea and Samaria to keep the peace. A better (I mean worse) Oslo than the original Oslo, in other words. Beloved Jews, the only adequate test for Jewish leadership is against G-d’s instructions in Numbers 33:51–56; whoever does not believe those instructions should be carried out is not fit to be our leader today.

My post featured on this issue of Haveil Havalim: Dr. Reality-Based and Mr. Fiery Ideologue, from June 21, 2007, where I show the contradiction between the vaunted Leftist “pragmatism” and their insistence on “rooting out every injustice on Israel’s part”, especially in their push for forcing changes that pertain to matters from 1947 rather than 1967, therefore unacceptable to just about 99.99999% of Israeli Jews.

Thanks for the great posts. ’Til next time, with HaShem’s help!



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