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Friday, June 01, 2007

Beyond Chutzpah

While kids in Sderot have to run down to shelters and study in fortified rooms (“Ah, but those are primitive weapons compared to the Zionist Military Machine that’s doing a genocide on the Palestinians! And it’s the least you deserve for 60 years of stealing their land!” /moonbat), the University and College Union of Britain has decided to support the “Palestinian” struggle for their against the independence of the Jewish State by calling for a boycott of Israeli academics (thank you, Ilan Kapo).

This is just another of the many “I Just Wanna Break Something” moments I’ve had lately. But I don’t break anything in reality (that’s something I leave to the Muslims and their moonbat allies); a few minutes at the punching bag, and then a little of doing something useful. Here’s something useful:

Entitled, “Beyond Chutzpah”, with no apologies at all to Einsatzgruppenoberkommandant Norman Finkelstein. Click image to view full size.

Psalms 2 and 83 are the best for those moments. Read ’em, pray ’em (the Psalms) and G-d will smite ’em (our enemies), amen ken yehi ratzon!

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