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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Own “So Sorry”

Awareness of one’s wrongful actions is a Biblical tenet, and it’s the first step toward being righteous in G-d’s sight. Judaism also has it that the forgiveness for wrongdoing must be asked of the one wronged, so that the recognition and regret of one’s misdeeds toward his fellow human being have to be followed by asking forgiveness of that human being, not of G-d—HaShem forgives only transgressions toward Him (for example, eating non-kosher food). This heritage has, unfortunately, like most moral precepts of the Bible, been carried to the extreme and twisted by the moonbats. So last March there was a “day of repentance” in the West for the sin of slavery, which was abolished long ago and in which more groups beside Westerners took part (who sold the Africans to Europe and America in the first place? Among others, Africans themselves and Muslims. But that doesn’t make for a good anti-Occidental narrative).

Photo: White man wearing shirt with words, "So Sorry" kneels on the ground with deep regret on his face
Confessing the sins of (and even that’s not for sure) his fathers. From A Western Heart.

And now we have American Dhimmicommies proposing that the US taxpayer shell out money to pay reparations for… the World War II victims of Japanese atrocities in Guam! That’s beyond belief, but nothing is out of bounds for those who have deep, pathological self-hatred and misplaced guilt-feelings to match.

The saying goes, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. I don’t always follow it, but now I’m going to, on the suitable occasion of the foiled (thanks be to G-d) Fort Dix jihad plot. This plot is noteworthy because it was hatched by Albanians from Kosovo—Muslims who were saved in the 1990’s by the intervention of NATO, by Bill Clinton’s order to bomb Serbia. It serves, then, together with Kuwaitis who curse America at the Hajj (Kuwait was freed from Saddam’s yoke by Bush I in 1991), as a stellar example of Muslim gratitude.

I’m not an American or European citizen, so I had nothing to do with the NATO offensive against Serbia. But I believed the MSM’s portrayal of the whole conflict back then, just as almost everyone did, and I rooted for the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs. Today, having seen, last summer in Lebanon, what lies the Muslims are capable of, and having read of such blatantly demonic portrayals of Ariel Sharon by the outside media, I have little faith in the innocence of the Bosnian Muslims those years, and I’m very skeptical about Milošević (I haven’t researched it enough yet, so my jury is still out on him, but I can say this: I’m not taking anything from the Western Leftist TreasonMedia without a big chunk of salt).

It is on this note that I, even though I had nothing active to do with the betrayal and devastation of Serbia in the years 1992–5, express regret for those events. I regret having swallowed the MSM spin uncritically, but, most of all, I regret having rooted for the intervention in favor of Muslims in Europe against non-Muslims. A strong Christian Balkan Peninsula, and the lack of any Islamic presence there, is in the interests of all the free-loving world. Therefore:

Drawing: Flag of Serbia

I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for my mental part, and for America’s and Europe’s physical part, in the Balkans debacle of the 1990’s, which ended in the establishment of a permanent, West-hating Islamic presence there. I’m sorry, and I look forward to a future of wiser policies, policies of aid to real friends rather than to undeserving, perpetual enemies.

And if it’s historical events we’re talking about, here’s something worth remembering about the Bosnian Muslims:

Photo: Mufti Hajj Amin El-Husseini inspects Bosnian Muslim Waffen SS recruits
Hajj Amin El-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, inspects Muslim Waffen SS recruits from Bosnia. Apparently, some Semites were better (or more useful) than others in Hitler’s eyes.

And the G-d of Justice will repay, speedily in our days, amen.

A must-read link I just can’t pass by: The Khazar Myth and the New Anti-Semitism, by the great and valiant Steven Plaut. Excerpt I consider the most important:

[…] The greatest irony is that even if the entire Khazar theory of Ashkenazi Jews were correct—and virtually none of it is correct—it would be entirely irrelevant. Judaism has never defined Jews on racial grounds. […] [Emphasis original. —ZY]

Read it all.

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Blogger Michael said...

You said: But I believed the MSM’s portrayal of the whole conflict back then, just as almost everyone did, and I rooted for the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs.

For a change, I guess I was one-up on you. I was rooting for the Serbs from the start.

It's not that I didn't believe they were busy killing Croats and Bosnian muslims; it's just that I remembered my history studies, and more importantly, I remembered which Balkan ethnic groups helped the Germans, and which helped the Jews.

May 10, 2007 2:30 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Good for you, Michael. I can't forgive myself for having been so gullible.

It was the MSM's portrayal of Israel and its leaders, showing absolute disconnect from the reality that we both know, that opened my eyes and made me realize there's nothing sacred about what the MSM says. Quite the opposite, in fact.

May 10, 2007 2:44 PM  
Blogger Witch-king of Angmar said...

No need to apologize, ZionistYoungster, at least not to me. There are a couple of reasons why I think so...

First, it is because in those days alternative sources of information we have today such as blogs and internet in general were extremely hard to come by and there was little chance of you to see what the Serb side had to say.

Second, many of us Serbs are guilty of the same sin when in the past we swallowed uncritically the pro-Arab version of the Middle East conflict hook, line and sinker and sadly, a good deal still do.

Regardless, what you wrote in this entry renders you very brave and honourable because it is not easy to leave behind old beliefs you considered totally truthful. I know this from personal experiance and from those of some people around me.

I have to ask you something: did you mention "God of Justice" on purpose or is it just a coincidence since "God of Justice" is the title of the national anthem of Serbia? In any case, am Yisrael chai! (sorry if I made any spelling mistakes :-)))

May 10, 2007 4:41 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Witch-king of Angmar,

You're right about then vs. now regarding sources of information. But now that there's a way of knowing the truth, holding my silence would be inexcusable. I'd wanted to do a post on Serbia for some time, but the Fort Dix plot was just the moment to do it.

"G-d of Justice" is on purpose (looking for an image of the Serbian flag on Wikipedia, I couldn't miss the national anthem), and "Am Yisrael Chai" is right. :-)

Long live the Resistance!

May 10, 2007 5:08 PM  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Kudos to you ZY..and dont beat yourself up..You are a light in the vast sea of darkness!

May 10, 2007 5:22 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Not beating myself up, Angel (though the regret is absolutely there)... just announcing a long-overdue change of course, and calling others to do the same.

Kudos to you too... keep striving toward victory through brilliance and unending wit! (Not to mention the awesomely funny little pictures that accompany each post of yours.)

May 10, 2007 5:28 PM  
Blogger 1389 said...

Thank you very much for posting this article. I have to admit that it took me awhile to figure out what was really going on, and I'm a Serbian-American.

I've linked to your story, and to your blog, from my blog (see http://moblog1389.blogspot.com/2007/05/who-are-fort-dix-six.html and http://moblog1389.blogspot.com/2007/05/our-children-are-guarantors-my-own-so.html).

May 11, 2007 1:19 AM  
Blogger kahaneloyalist said...

ZY, I am not sure if you know that during the Holocaust the Serbs actually rose up in rebellion in response to anti-Jewish laws enacted by the Muslim Croats allied to the Nazis. It is for this reason that almost no Serbian Jews died during the Holocaust

May 11, 2007 1:20 AM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...


Thanks. The Jihad Watch thread has this (from commenter Tristan Weitenberg):

"I have the same feeling some other posters have when thinking back of the Balkan wars in the 1990's and the bombs on Serbia. One feels so silly when reading about the jihad in Kosovo, and how we supported, and still are supporting, those gangsters. I remember how the Serbs were portrayed as nazis. My mother even joined in some anti-Serb action. They had petitions which they sent to Milosovic. Something like: 'Please, mister Milosovic stop your terrible war.' But they never did the same thing to Izetbegovic."

How familiar this is. Change a few names and you have a typical Muslim-with-moonbat anti-Israel "peace rally". Do you wonder I feel so bad recalling my attitude of those years?

I stand with you!


Yet more reason to make amends for the past and root for the good side. Thanks.

The fact that we trust in HaShem, and in Him alone, doesn't mean we should shun those non-Jews who really are with us. Of course, that requires knowing who they are first, and who they aren't.

It figures: both the Serbs and the Danes rebelled against the Nazis to help us then, and both are now resisting Islamic imperialism. HaShem bless them.

The Serbs are in the same boat as us, in that they have the Muslim enemy as next-door neighbors. And for them as for us, the only real way out, guaranteeing permanent peace, is to lay off all the nice-guy PC stuff and expel them all from their lands.

May 11, 2007 1:41 AM  
Blogger kahaneloyalist said...

I am sorry to say I think Serbia may already be lost...

May 11, 2007 5:10 AM  
Blogger Lazar said...

Serbia is not lost, we have survived 400 years of slavery under muslim barbarians and we will survive this. We could have won this war easily without NATO defending these terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo:


May 11, 2007 12:45 PM  
Blogger Lazar said...

And for ZY, I have no words my friend... If there are any tears left in my eyes, your words found them. But it's not time for tears, we will fight until Serbia and Israel can live in peace and freedom. Period.

Barbarians, remember this if you read

May 11, 2007 1:00 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...


This blowback is perhaps the most spectacular. In the case of Kuwait, people might have room to say, "The US pitched in to liberate the Kuwaitis from Saddam because they wanted the oil of the region". But in the case of Bosnia, there is no room for such a motive. No oil, and no other special benefit, to be gained from helping Bosnia.

So it was a clean act of help. And yet... those who were the recipients of that help still hate the very ones who helped them! Following this stark display of ingratitude, a total rethinking of Western foreign policy is necessary. The Serbs would have cause to hate the USA, but don't--a Christian Serb terrorist plot against the USA isn't in the works, as far as I know (pardon my rhetorical device); the Kosovar Muslims should nothing but love the USA, but hate it, and plot to kill soldiers of the very army that helped them more than a decade ago.

And there are other graphic displays of the scum we're dealing with. Korean apologies for the Virginia Tech massacre. Cho Seung-Hui was a deranged individual--the Koreans as a nation had nothing at all to do with the massacre. Yet they apologized! While, in contrast, after 9/11 in the USA, 7/7 in Britain and Fort Dix now, not only do the Muslim leaders not apologize for attacks carried out in the name of their religion, they issue veiled threats to the West, in the form, "You should review your foreign policy in the Middle East" or "You should make accommodations for Muslims in your country". The impudence, the sheer impudence! It just makes one boil with rage.

I'm with you, as I'm with the Thais, the Hindus, the Ethiopians and anyone else who is under the threat of this same enemy: Islamic imperialism. In the 1990's I didn't even recognize that as the enemy; but now, now that I do, I can see how foolish it was to support the Muslims of Bosnia against a non-Muslim state back then. At least the US aid to the Afghan mujahideen against the Soviets had the dynamics of the Cold War as its excuse; but this Balkans War happened when the Soviet Bloc was no more, therefore it is an unmitigated scandal. The following truth needs to be stressed:

It is not in our interests to support Muslims anywhere. They have shown themselves undeserving, therefore should be dealt with accordingly.

HaShem grant us leaders who give no damn about world opinion and drive the Muslims away from the vicinity of all non-Muslim states. The peace that HaShem promises is the only true peace, while the peace that the diplomats and United Nations officials promise, "peace through surrender", is a false one.

As you said: Barbarians, remember this if you read.

May 11, 2007 1:45 PM  
Blogger kahaneloyalist said...

I suppose it didnt really matter in the end, but during the Balkan wars American Kahanists organized protests in support of the Serbs. We were demonized for doing it by the Establishment Jewish groups and in the end I dont think we really helped anything, but at least we tried.

May 12, 2007 2:42 AM  
Blogger 1389 said...


Believe me, I do remember!

BTW, I've submitted this article to Digg as Our Children Are The Guarantors: My Own So Sorry.

(I previously linked to it on 1389 Mobile Blog.)

May 20, 2007 1:57 AM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...


Thanks! I'm not familiar with Digg, other than knowing LGF has suffered abuse in it, in the form of moonbats burying their posts. I'll need to keep an eye on those submissions to see what turns up with them. And learn more about Digg...

May 20, 2007 3:07 AM  

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