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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tip: Haveil Havalim #113

Jewish blog carnival Haveil Havalim, in its 113th, for April 22, 2007, hosted by Soccer Dad, has the following posts I liked:

  1. Start with a joke, because all the rest are going to be heavy (the theme is Holocaust Day). Rafi G of Life in Israel has the post Funny story with former Israeli minister, from April 17, 2007. Classic!
  2. Shanah, the ConservaJew, has the post Yom HaShoah, from April 15, 2007, featuring an animation that shows nothing has changed between then and now.
  3. Blogger lynn-b of In Context has the post Split, from April 13, 2007, ridiculing the penchant of policymakers worldwide to see every conflict through the glasses of historical materialism and pragmatism. At least that’s my take on that post, from my own glasses of historical idealism. I hope to post on the subject sometime.
  4. Ron Coleman of Likelihood of Success posts Thought crimes of the depraved – criminalizing Holocaust denial, from April 17, 2007, on how the criminalization of Holocaust Denial backfires. That’s exactly the message of my post From Anti-Defamation to Intellectual Meritocracy, from October 13, 2006. Coleman also berates the Europeans for their hypocrisy (enacting that law while supporting the genocidal “Palestinians”), and for giving a free pass to the denial of the Armenian Holocaust.
  5. Cotton gloves alert from AgentAzure of SimplyJews: Islamic Hate Film Gets PG Rating, from April 14, 2007. Muslims can rest easy in their knowledge that their assaults on critics like Kadra and Ayaan Hirsi Ali will go unpunished.
  6. Smooth Stone has the post From the LOL department: Lebanon to seek war reparations from Israel, from April 18, 2007. I disagree about the “LOL” (“Laughing Out Loud”) bit, though: with the support of Leftist pressure groups worldwide, the weight will be pushed down heavily on Israel to do exactly what they want. And with our current weak leaders, this could get bad. HaShem help us.
  7. From Boker tov, Boulder! comes the post Which is which?, from April 17, 2007, in which two similar viewpoints bring out the unholy Left/Islam alliance starkly. A commenter adds a third, even more striking, statement.
  8. Gail of Rubicon3 has the post Chilling, from April 19, 2007, with the horrible but important link to Inside Terrorism: The X-Ray Project. No pictures of dead bodies (I wouldn’t have linked to it if it had those), but X-ray and CT scans of Israeli victims of Islamic suicide terrorism. Those are the acts of people of whom many in the Western world say things like, “Boy, those suicide bombers have got guts. I wish more people in the world had their courage”. (Hat tip: Solomonia.) There is a tribunal above where all this will, one day, be judged.

My post for this issue: Trusting in HaShem after the Holocaust, from April 16, 2007, on the theological question, the issue of how to maintain belief in HaShem’s future salvation of Israel.

I think I’m going to give the next issue of Haveil Havalim a rest, because I don’t consider it likely for me to do a Haveil-Havalim-worthy post until next week. Happy Independence Day!



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