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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Venezuela, En Domeh La, Olé!

Oh, those inconsiderate Gentile infidel bloggers! During the Sabbath, they covered, totally bled dry, anything I could possibly say about the developing 2006 Pope–Islam Crisis (a.k.a. Mohammad Cartoons II). The topic is finished, and all I could do was throw a bone of acknowledgment. The Hump of Islam, then, will have to do without my commentary.

It’s late evening as I write, no time for another posting of the usual length (there’ll be one, G-d willing, tomorrow, after I come back from work). So I decided to do a short foray into Latin American and Israeli culture, inspired by the LGF thread on the Non-Aligned Summit. Hugo Chávez got to hug the Tehrangutan there yet another time, showing how things have changed since nearly 50 years ago.

Picture: Hugo Chavez in the 2006 Havana Non-Aligned Movement Summit (1)
Chávez on the speaker’s stand.

Picture: Hugo Chavez in the 2006 Havana Non-Aligned Movement Summit (2)
Chávez making a salute.

Picture: Hugo Chavez in the 2006 Havana Non-Aligned Movement Summit (3)
Chávez looking… toward some glorious future?

Picture: Hugo Chavez in the 2006 Havana Non-Aligned Movement Summit (4)
Chávez next to the Tehrangutan.

Here is an old Israeli song, from long before I was born, but a classic, hence how I know of it, called “Venezuela”. It was sung first by the group Batzal Yarok (“Green Onion”), words by Dan Almagor, music by Moshe Vilanski. It dates to 1957. First is the Hebrew original (a treat if you can read it), and then my English translation, which unfortunately can’t capture the rhyming. If you know personally of Venezuela of those old days, I apologize in advance for arousing a feeling of sadness about the way the country has gone. I don’t know much except that the part about there being “no taxes and deficitio” has long ceased to be true. And I know Venezuela used not to be the anti-American, anti-Israel, Muslim-embracing state it is now. Some things don’t change, some things do.

כי שם בנות בצבע שוקו
ותלבושתן - קליפות בננה,
מפזזות במחול מניאנה
בג'ונגל, בין עצי הקוקוס.
נשוט על פני האורינוקו
המשתפך לאמזונס,
שם נחשי האנקונדה
כשניים עשר וחצי מטר.
עם שתי שיניים ארוכות.
- מתים מזה?
- תוך שתי דקות!

- אם כך, אולי נברח לצ'ילי?
- ונצואלה... ונצואלה...
- אני אם אין לי צ'ילי - מי לי?
- ונצואלה... ונצואלה...
ונצואלה, אין דומה לה! אולה!

שם אין בחינות אוניברסיטה
ואין דקן של הפקולטה.
ושם נראה כל יום קורידה
עם דון חוזה אלפונסו שולטהייס.
"אולה!" - נניף את הסומבררוס.
"אולה!" - נקרא לקבלרוס.
אבל הטורו, חי פורטונה,
פורץ ישר אל הטריבונה.
הוא מסתער על הקהל.
- מתים מזה?
- בדרך כלל!


עצי קפה ואבוקדו,
מכרות זהב באלדורדו.
זורם הנפט בקריפיטיו
ואין מיסים ודפיציטיו.
ושם אינדיאנים עם כרבולת.
מקרקפים רק... מס גולגולת.

- נברח לצ'ילי! הופ! כולנו!
- אך שם ישנם הרי וולקנו.
רותחת לבה בגלים.
- מתים מזה?
- לא. רק נצלים.

- אם כך, נברח ל... פתח תקווה!
- ונצואלה... ונצואלה...
- אני רוצה לפתח תקוה!
- ונצואלה... ונצואלה...
ונצואלה - אין דומה לה! אולה!

For there there are chocolate-colored girls
Dressed in banana skins,
Frolicking in a mañana dance,
In the jungle, among the coconut trees.
We’ll sail upon the Orinoco,
Which pours into the Amazon,
Where there are the anaconda snakes,
About twelve and a half meters,
With two long teeth.
— Do you die from that?
— In two minutes!

— If so, maybe let’s run away to Chile?
— Venezuela… Venezuela…
— If I don’t have Chile—who is for me?
— Venezuela… Venezuela…
Venezuela, there’s nothing like it! Olé!

There there are no university tests,
And no dean of the faculty,
And there we’ll watch Corrida every day,
With Don José Alfonso Schultheiss.
“Olé!” — we’ll brandish the sombreros,
“Olé!” — we’ll call the Cabaleros,
But the Toro, by Fortune,
Breaks in straight onto the stands.
It storms upon the audience.
— Do you die from that?
— Usually!


Coffee trees and avocado,
Gold mines in El Dorado,
The oil flows in carifitio,
There are no taxes and deficitio,
And there are Indians there with headcrests,
Scalping just… poll tax.

— Let’s run away to Chile! Hup! Everyone of us!
— But there are volcano mountains there.
Lava boiling in waves.
— Do you die from that?
— No, you only roast.

— If so, we’ll run away to Petach Tikva!
— Venezuela… Venezuela…
— I want to Petach Tikva!
— Venezuela… Venezuela…
Venezuela, there’s nothing like it! Olé!



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Well here's something not widely publicised:

Attention all patriotic UK bloggers. The Pope's comments have lifted the lid on the forces of treason, sedition, corruption and subversion within the House of Lords. See


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