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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Please Help an Apostate from Islam

“Isaac Schrodinger” is clearly not a Pakistani name. If a native Pakistani has to call himself that, there has to be a good reason for it.

Isaac Schrodinger is a Pakistani ex-Muslim living in Canada. The sentence of Islam for apostates is death, as Islam is not so much a religion as a political system with religious trappings, so that apostasy from it falls under the rubric of treason. An apostate from Islam is in danger everywhere, but at least in the West he can be protected, while in an Islamic country he has no chance.

Isaac Schrodinger faces deportation from Canada to Pakistan, by virtue of bureaucratic mindlessness, unless he can persuade the authorities to accept renewal of his refugee status. For that, he needs good legal help, which can be very costly.

Please visit Isaac Schrodinger’s blog and click on the “No to Deportation” picture, at the top of the right sidebar.

Thank you. Even if you’re unable to help right now, at least take it as a reminder of why our Western civilization with its liberties is so precious.


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