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Friday, September 15, 2006

Oriana Fallaci, R.I.P.

Seven months ago, Robert Spencer put up a post on Jihad Watch titled Fallaci Beheaded. It was about an art exhibit in Milan featuring an image of Oriana Fallaci decapitated. Probably like many other readers, the title “sent a jolt through me” (the words of a commenter), thinking they really managed to get her.

This is a Religion of Perpetual Outrage, whose followers, if they have a dermis at all, have such that its diameter requires a microscope to measure. Though it would have been distressing to hear Fallaci had been beheaded, it would have been no surprise; it is to hear now, that Oriana Fallaci died in bed, that is surprising.

I strive to commemorate her as Mr. Spencer has now suggested: by emulating her actions. The more people do as she did, the less chance there will be for the arrival of the dreaded condition in which it will be unexpected, surprising for any non-Muslim to die in bed.

Into the company of G-d’s Righteous you go, Oriana Fallaci. Rest in peace.