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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Launch the Syracusan Mirrors!

Of Archimedes it is said he deflected a Roman siege on his city, Syracuse, by erecting a wall of mirrors to concentrate sunlight on the Roman ships, burning them. Research has still not conclusively proved the feasibility of such an event (because concentrated sunlight does not burn instantly, and ships are normally assumed to be in movement in battle), but more important than the literal occurrence of the event is its symbolism: now that the armies of Islam are laying siege to the West with their ships of Legitimate Grievances Against The Oppressors, and weakening our defenses from within by means of Political Correctness and appeal to Multiculturalism, what is necessary for the West is to bring out Archimedian mirrors to deflect those charges onto Islam.

Picture: Diagram of Archimedes' mirrors reflecting light upon a ship
Diagram showing how Archimedes’ mirrors are conjectured to have operated.

All the catchphrases of the Islamic narrative must be turned so as to be favorable to the Western point of view: raise, far and wide, the issues of Islamic aggression, Islamic apartheid, Islamic colonialism, Islamic imperialism, Islamic oppression, Islamic fascism, Islamic supremacism and so on. For every Left-enticing catchphrase they trot out, tag “Islamic” before it and bring examples of the reality of it. Now the details follow.

First, do no harm. Read this splendid article, Don’t Apologize, by Nidra Poller, and follow the advice. As she says: don’t apologize. We (the West in general, the Jews and the state of Israel in particular) have so little to apologize in comparison to the accusations heaped on us from the Left and OrwellMedia; and what little we do have to apologize for, it is best to leave it until the world does not take every apology of ours as admission of our being evil. Don’t apologize. Even the topmost of the Catholic Church hierarchy have begun complaining that the mentality of turning the other cheek is leading to disaster—why, then, should we Jews, who have no such instruction or even suggestion from any of our scriptures or sages? For those who agree Israel has the right to defend herself, BUT without hitting civilians, don’t apologize for that, but remind them that we have an enemy that uses civilian lives as currency for its propaganda warfare. This an enemy that glorifies suicide bombers, where the mothers are glad to bring babies to the world just so they may sacrifice them to their bloodthirsty deity, and who are offended not by that culture of death but by a few line-drawings. They are the ones who need to apologize. So don’t apologize.

Talk about Islamic aggression, such as that which is going on in Thailand, a land where the Muslims have nothing that has even the semblance of a legitimate grievance. Trumpet far and wide the reality of pure, unvarnished Islamic aggression in Thailand, where reality does not leave room for the Left to trot out their anti-colonialist narratives any more than it leaves them room for stating that two plus two equals five.

Tell people about Islamic apartheid, such as that which goes on daily, unabated, and supported by the state, in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan; where a man can be hanged for accidentally leaving the Bible outside in public, and his women taken for sex slavery, and his children stolen to be raised as Muslims, as were the Janissaries of old in the Ottoman Empire.

Mention the reality of Islamic colonialism, which is expressed in the funneling of money from well-to-do Muslims in Europe and America to the jihadi war machine in Iraq and elsewhere. Do not neglect to tell of the shariah colonies, those no-go zones for non-Muslim policemen, that Muslims have set up in France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Britain, all now an integral part of the Ummah, and of the caliphate-to-be.

Do not refrain from regaling the slumbering Chamberlainians with examples of the danger of Islamic imperialism, which, as Ayatollah Khomeini said, can cease, temporarily, only when the Islamic world is as yet incapable of carrying it out, but is now in full force because they feel they can. Ask them why the secular-nationalistic terrorist organizations of just twenty years ago are but a distant memory, while every time we hear now of a bombing, from the halls of Montezuma to the seasides of Bali, we instinctively think of Islam.

Remind those self-proclaimed lovers of justice and equality of Islamic oppression: the cycle wherein, in the Islamic world, an oppressive regime reigns with an iron fist, is then brought down by an Islamic revolution in the name of justice, but that new regime proves to be no less oppressive than the one that came before. Ask them what it says about the Islamic religion, the religion claiming to be the summit of divine justice, that the number of people, even Muslims themselves, chafing under the yoke of poverty, is in proportion to the strictness of shariah law in the country in question.

Tell the left-wingers that claim to oppose fascism of any stripe that Islamic fascism is one of the most virulent kinds, being not just all-encompassing like Mussolini’s system, but backed with appeal to the divine, such that a Badoglio would be lynched by the people themselves, not having to be executed by the authorities, upon an attempt at cutting the grip of the reigning tyrant. Note that “Islamic” is here the modifier for “fascism”, and not “fascistic” a modifier for “Islam”, as it is not a mainstream tenet of Islam that apostates can be allowed to live. Apostasy warrants death in Islam because it is treason; the idea that leaving Islam is treason means Islam is a political system, not a member of the same class as Feng Shui.

And whoever speaks of American or Israeli supremacism, make it clear to them that Islamic supremacism is much worse, and enshrined in doctrine. It is not the type of supremacism that wants mere material gains, but the type that holds peace to be the cessation of all opposition to it, ideologically as well as physically.

Finally, whenever Islamic apologists and Leftist appeasers bring out dark historical facts from the West’s past, remind them that the West has moved over the centuries to void any problematic tenets it had, by all kinds of means (Jewish suspension of the more severe halachic laws until explicitly restored by G-d; the Christian tenet of “Render unto Caesar…”, providing at the very least a theoretical basis for separation of religion and state; and the Enlightenment idea of expanding old Greek democracy, then confined to a sparse stratum of the populace, onto the whole of it); while, in contrast, the Islamic mind is stuck in the 7th century, without even the theoretical beginning of getting out of there. Let them abandon their narrative of oppression by the West if they want to gain the energies they need for recreating their so often flaunted Golden Age. It is their decision, and theirs alone, whether to use science for its true purpose (gaining knowledge) or for the sole purpose of making better weapons to wage the war of Islamic imperialism against the non-Muslim world. The West has nothing to apologize for the Islamic world’s backwardness.

We love life, and we will not let the sieging barbarians disturb our circles this time.



Anonymous religion of pieces said...

Regarding what's going on in Thailand, and other places where Islam comes into contact with Buddhism, there is an ancient Buddhist prophecy that Islam will almost succeed in conquering the entire world, when 'a hidden realm known as Shambhala' (there are many interpretations of it in terms of geographical locale or otherwise - it could even be the blogosphere!!) will arise and lead a coalition of peaceful religions to destroy Islam.

Of course every religion has its prophecies, but the strangest thing is that Buddhists are normally peaceful bunny-cuddlers and the Shambhala Kalachakra prophecy is the ONLY instance of a call to an inevitable war in all of Buddhist scripture. And according to most interpretations all this shit is supposed to hit the fan just about now give or take 200 years.



August 28, 2006 1:53 AM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

That is very interesting! And it tallies with Genesis 16:12 too.

Among the Hindus there are so many who realize Gandhi's legendary non-violent resistance doesn't work with Muslims... I wonder when the Buddhists realize the same about the Dalai Lama's peacenik pap (yes, I know Thai Buddhists don't follow him--doesn't change my point, though, because they're bogged down by similar sentiments from their leaders).

There WILL be a new Battle of the Peoples against the Islamic Napoleon. Our saving grace is the stupidity of the Muslims, in their not being able keep up with the stealth jihad. The Centanni/Wiig gunpoint conversion story (complete with the Koran's 2:256 in the background) will have some effect, as do Islamists' brazen demands upon even those leftarded Guardianites. The ostriches will be forced to take their heads out of the sand.


August 28, 2006 10:54 AM  

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