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Friday, February 23, 2007

Proving Jew-Hatred Internal

This post builds on my previous, The Tribes, addressing a Jewish matter.

A question I have not yet been personally asked (though I have seen it raised in some form or another in the blogosphere from time to time) is, “How do you know the anti-Zionist critics of Israel are anti-Semitic at heart? With all due respect, singling Israel out for criticism, though a potent demonstration of it, is still not ironclad proof. Do you have any way of showing that their anti-Semitism is an internal, emotional, ingrained matter?” That is a fair question, and I can answer it.

I spoke of the Leftists’ admiration for all manner of exoticism in my previous post, and particularly for tribalism. Conservatives usually, as I described on myself, channel this “feeling that burns in one’s blood and bones” by returning to the heritage that was extant just a few generations before, while Progressives, ironically, let that feeling carry them away to the direction of turning their backs on that same heritage. I talked of myself as being a happy “urban tribesman”; for Leftists, the real, heartfelt dream is to go back to living as non-Western tribesmen do: as villagers or desert nomads.

On all of the left-wing sites I read (linked to at the sidebar, under the heading, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”), whenever tribes and tribalism are mentioned, the feeling of admiration, of identification, of desire to be like them, oozes from every letter. Iraqi tribesmen deserve to have their sovereignty recognized, Western capitalism and Christian missionaries are slammed for “destroying indigenous tribal cultures”, and the thought of Native American scholar Vine Deloria is echoed that Western Man must transition to the Native American (i.e. tribal) way of life in order to regain happiness. Again, I agree with the foundation of those sentiments but not with their details, and certainly not with where the Leftists take them. But I digress. My point is that there is only one exception to their feelings toward tribalism: the Jews.

Whenever Israel, Zionism and the Jews are mentioned, all of a sudden tribalism becomes to the Leftists something to be despised, reviled and condemned. Jewish tribalism is, to their minds, a regression, and furthermore a danger to the world and its wellbeing. The Jews, in contrast to any other tribe, are expected to “rise above their tribalism and adopt more universal values”. No other tribal group gets this treatment on sites like CounterPunch and ZNET. Only the Jews.

Think I’m making this up? Here is a fine specimen by Gilad Atzmon, One Hundred Years of Jewish Solitude, displaying the condemnation of Jewish tribalism in full form. And to those who wonder how one article shows the truth regarding all, remember that such sites, particularly CounterPunch, are Stalinist sites, not admitting any article prior to being checked for strict doctrinal conformance. Besides, there’s more where Atzmon’s article comes from—do a search for “tribalism” on CounterPunch and you will find, wherever it is mentioned in connection to Jews, the mention is unfavorable, and favorable everywhere else.

Recall what I said about the Leftists’ attitude toward tribes and tribalism: heartfelt admiration and a desire to be like them, seeping from every word. An internal, emotional thing, without a shadow of doubt. And now, with that in consideration, the question arises: what does it mean that, when the same concept, tribalism, is attached to the modifier, “Jewish”, all of a sudden their words turn from admiration and wistfulness to condemnation and loathing? What it does mean when a deep-seated emotion is overridden by that single modifier?

Yes, it means that we have before us 100 percent, irrefutable proof that the Jew-hatred of the CounterPunch and Common Dreams Marxists and Jimmy “Too Many Jews” Carter and the Daily Kos Kids (not all of them, of course—I’m talking about those like Christopher Day, mattes and litho) and all the rest of left-wingers of those type is an internal matter. It will be no use wrapping it in the nice package of “care for the plight of the Palestinians” and “love of peace and justice”—if tribalism stirs such strong pangs of sympathy when mentioned of Native Americans, of Arab Bedouins, of Uyghurs, et cetera, yet the same concept, tribalism, evokes the opposite of that as soon as the Jews are concerned, then what we have here is Jew-hatred, Judeophobia, anti-Semitism on the internal level, within the heart.

As an indigenous Jewish tribesman, native of my land, I have no less a cause for being sympathized with by the Leftists than do the Native Americans. (But see my post On a Few Comments on DKos, from January 23, 2007, for their typical hypocrisy on that regard.) That I am instead regarded as a colonial invader, and my belonging to The Tribe (always thus capitalized when they speak of “the stranglehold of the Israel Lobby on the USA”) is brought up as a basis for disparagement rather than solidarity, is ironclad proof of ingrained Leftist Jew-hatred, hide as it may under the cover of “criticism of Israel’s policies”. I have proved what I set out to prove; now the burden is on the other side to show otherwise. And for us, members of The Tribe, this is a call to keep the Leftist dogs on the short leash they deserve, and not give them the credence of which they are not worthy.

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Blogger Ronald Barbour said...

I give this article a Five Star Ronbo rating and have posted it on my Blog with a link back to you.

It is clear that the Leftist use of codewords like, "Zionist" and "Neocons" are just a PC way to take their Anti-Semitism mainstream.

Cheers, Ronbo


G-D Bless Israel and the Jews!

February 28, 2007 2:15 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Thanks, Ronbo!

You know, by the way, this is one of the reasons I use "Muslim" instead of "Islamist". When I think of the dishonesty of saying "Zionist" or "Neocon" rather than "Jew", I realize it's just as dishonest to speak of "Islamists". The use of "Zionist" to give the impression of saying, "I don't implicate all Jews in this", is mirrored by the use of "Islamist" to convey the belief that the jihadis are just a tiny minority of extremists. Which is fine if you really believe it, but since I don't, I don't use that term.

February 28, 2007 11:14 PM  
Blogger Ronald Barbour said...


I agree.

I used to use the term, "Islamofascist" until I discovered in, "The Religion of Submission" that Jihad (Holy War) was required of all Muslims, the "Sixth Pllar" of that faith.

Hence, an "Islamist"..."Islamonazi"...or "Islamofascist"... are all terms for a devout Muslim.

This is the reason that so-called "moderate" Muslims have no valid arguments to use against the devout in their faith: There is only ONE Islam: violent, collectivist, corrupt, racist, imperialistic, oppressive, reactionary, intolerant, sexual perverted and totally degenerate.

Islam was created by a psychopath for psychopaths..The "true" Muslim is a hungry wolf who sees mankind as a horse to be ridden while booted and spurred.

I see people like us as loyal sheepdogs who defend our flocks from the Islamic wolf.

G-D Bless! And keep up the good work, Brother!


March 05, 2007 12:02 PM  
Blogger seraphya said...

First of all, I am just guessing, but I think most of the Anti-Israel left is drawn into Anti-Zionism, rather than really being Antisemetic. They just see everyone around them focusing on it, and because Israel is not perfect and they will always have ammunition, they just follow blindly, not out of malice, but more out o ignorance. But can we really blame them? Jews and Israel are the focus of the world for good and bad, its always been that way, and we try to make it that way.

As for non-militant Islam. It can exist. All religions have many traditions to choose from and different elements that they can increase or decrease the significance of. Judaism can stand for so many things. We have plenty of non-Zionist Jews. If there can be so many non-Zionist Religious Jews, and so many Jews who don't care about Zionism, then why can't there be many non-militant Muslims?

March 12, 2007 1:13 AM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...


As anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism, actually THE form dominant today, saying the anti-Israel Left is drawn to anti-Zionism rather than anti-Semitism doesn't reflect the truth. Some of them are ignorant about Israel, but some are malicious; and all of them, both ignorant and malicious, are aiding and abetting the Muslims, whose overwhelming majority are malicious. Putting their own children in the line of fire to score propaganda points counts as malicious in my book.

As for non-militant Muslims, also known as moderate Muslims, they exist, but they're unfortunately insignificant, for reasons I elaborated on in my post "Yes, They Exist. No, They Aren't The Solution", from November 19, 2006. The greatest contrast is the proportion: the Jewish factions are fairly evenly split between Zionists and non-Zionists, religious and non-religious and all the intersecting points, while the moderate Muslims are a tiny minority, and a frightened one at that. Finally, non-militant Islam cannot come into significance when the non-Muslim societies and states all the world over reward militant Islam with offerings of appeasement (see my post on the question of religious reform, from a month ago).

Thanks for the comment. No matter how long it takes until I have free time to answer, I like engaging intellectual objections. That's what my blog is for, after all.

March 12, 2007 7:55 PM  

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