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Thursday, August 31, 2006

23 Bombs Explode in Thailand Attack (And the Two Reactions)

“Yala - Muslim militants launched 23 coordinated time bomb attacks at commercial banks in this southern province Thursday, killing at least one man and severely injuring at least four bank customers, police said.

“The bombs, mostly left on bank counters and some in ATM booths at the banks, were detonated mostly by clocks between 11:30 to 11:35 am. Twenty six people suffered minor injuries.” – from The Nation of Bangkok, via LGF


Neville Rootcause: Thailand out of Iraq NOW!!!

Winston Stormfacer: But Thailand doesn’t have any troops in Iraq.

Neville Rootcause: What?! Then why did they get those bombs? Ah, I know: Thailand to stop one-sided support for Israel NOW!!!

Winston Stormfacer: Thailand doesn’t support Israel, or oppose it, or have any special dealings with it beyond those it has with any other faraway country.

Neville Rootcause: Don’t be silly. People don’t bomb people just because. Just like you get mugged in the street for supporting a government that doesn’t care about poor black or Hispanic people. Bombings are the sigh of an oppressed people, the legitimate defense of an indigenous nation without weapons to resist the tyranny of Empire, the song of threadbare fighters for equality and the dictatorship of the proletariat… Thailand to stop oppressing its native Malays NOW!!!

Winston Stormfacer: The Malay Muslims living in the south of Thailand have been there since at least the 15th century—more than half a millennium of undisturbed, unoppressed inhabitation of those areas.

Neville Rootcause: Look, it’s a matter of solidarity. Everybody knows Israel and its proxy the United States are oppressing Muslims within their grasp as part of their plan to institute the rule of free-trade capitalistic globalization all over the world, as the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad said so eloquently. Those bombings are a statement of protest, a sigh of an oppressed people, a cry of the weaponless and defenseless in the face of global injustice, a scream of the…

Winston Stormfacer: So, just as a hypothetical question, not saying it could ever be expected to happen, if a white man in Los Angeles beats up a black man one day, then you have no problem with another black man drilling a bullet hole through the head of a friend of yours as protest, right?

Neville Rootcause: I’d be saddened by that, sure, but I’d understand the motives of the attacker. See, you can’t oppress people for years without any repercussions. Eventually, the chickens always come home to roost, and it’s justice done.

Winston Stormfacer: OK, I get it: the whole world, including states like Thailand having done nothing whatsoever to contribute to the grievances of Muslims worldwide, should just lie down and surrender to Islamic expansionism, all because of the need to do reparations for Western colonialism.

Neville Rootcause: Islamic expansionism?! That’s RACISM!!! You’re tarring a great, diverse group of people with a single brush! Islam is a peaceful religion! For all we know, those 23 bombs detonated in Thailand were organized by BushChimpHitlerburton at the behest of the Israel Lobby in order to take people’s minds off their fascistic and imperialistic agenda, just like they did back in 9/11!

Winston Stormfacer: I… I have to express profound… admiration of you… of Leftists in general, for having such a keen eye for unmasking the conspiracies endangering the world. It certainly displays more shrewdness than paying attention to the storm that’s gathering before us… in plain sight!

THE BEGINNING (of the West’s fight for survival)

Picture: left: Neville Chamberlain holding the paper; right: portrait of Winston Churchill; middle: "Choose!"
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