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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Onward, To Freedom

Two busy but joyous days ahead. Just to leave for Passover with a small word.

Freedom is from HaShem. Only He can give it. He gives people the freedom to choose to be unfree as well. Even the hardening of the heart is not coerced, not for Pharaoh then, and not for those who refuse to wake up in the face of the worldwide threat now. For any nation, even in the lowliest state, there is freedom to lift itself by its bootstraps and rise and shine; and there is also the freedom to condemn itself to perpetual suffering through its insistence on wallowing in its own mire, and he who understands will understand.

Freedom is from HaShem. But the desire for freedom is not universal, for freedom means the choice to oppose freedom.

Photo: masked Muslim protester holding sign saying, "Freedom Go To Hell"

“They hate our freedom”. It was truly said. They hate our buildings. They destroy our buildings. They build nothing of their own. They hate their children as well as ours. They raise their children to kill themselves on ours (G-d defend). They love death. We love life.

We love life. Because… all those who truly worship Allah love life!

Engraving: The Children of Israel Crossing Jordan, by Gustave Doré



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