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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Racists Branded, Nazis Ignored

The use of the tactic had gotten so blatant that even commenters on his own side called him on it. “Jon the Anti-Zionist Jew”, a regular poster of the vilest anti-Israel diaries on Daily Kos, had the habit of calling “racist” anyone who disagreed with his opinions—anyone who showed the slightest hint of siding with Israel.

Jon was (or still is?) extreme in his employment of that ruse, hence even his komrades (sic) no longer being able to stand it, but that tactic, of using the stigmatizing term in order to brand perceived opponents as diabolical, has been a staple of the Marxists, and in the mode of operation prescribed by Antonio Gramsci, the word “racist” is the magic wand that anathematizes any desired target.

“Racist” is what Arab members of the Israeli parliament are now calling the law banning membership in it of any citizen of Israel who has visited enemy states. A sensible law, a law which would never have been contested in the past, is now being assaulted by that curse-word, that all-powerful, all-catching, damning whisper: “Racism”. The law specifically says, “Israelis”, not “Arabs”, yet the Arab Knesset Members know full well who would be on its receiving end—“The hat burns on the thief’s head”, as we say in Israel—and they know the best way of countering it: a blackmail tactic, a ploy that appeals not to reason but to the knee-jerk reaction today’s world displays upon the word, “racism”.

Today is also the 17th anniversary of the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane, may HaShem avenge his blood. This man, the closest the nation of Israel has had to a prophet as could be after the destruction of the Temple (most of the events in Israel from 1993 to this day were foretold in his writings and speeches), was vilifed by the Israeli Left for… you guessed it: “Racism”. In 1988, when he was getting too powerful politically for comfort, the “Anti-Racist Law” was passed in order to bar him from Israeli politics. As regards world opinion, I don’t think this has helped much. Israel is now so basking in its anti-racist veneer, so much that our Dear World has given us a place of honor as the successor of South Africa. But there is something else notable about the Anti-Racist Law: it was passed by unanimous vote on part of both Left and Right in Israel. The Israeli Right was so anxious to be “with it”, so caring for its “moral purity”, that it joined hands with the Left to silence the one leader who had the only non-miraculous way of bringing lasting peace to the Jewish State. Five years later, we got the Oslo Accords, which brought to Israel the Jew-murderer Arafat and his gang from Tunis. In October 2000, we got a mini-redux of 1947 with the uprising of Arabs within our 1949 Armistice Line territories. And now, more and more of our towns are coming within rocket range. Ah, but we just had to be “Not Racists”!

Rabbi Kahane of blessed memory knew, from both the Torah and common sense, that there could be no peace for the Jewish nation in Israel if a rival nationalism were allowed to become a majority within it. The Torah says, in many places (Numbers 33:50–56 being the example I frequently quote), that the Israelites must not occupy another nation in their land, for that occupation would spell enduring trouble; but must, instead, drive out the other nations, expel anyone who does not agree with the idea that the Land of Israel is under Jewish sovereignty, under the rule of Jewish Law. The Beneš Decree, by which all the Germans of the Sudetenland were expelled in 1945, is a historical example of the necessity of insisting on national sovereignty: the region that served as the catalyst for World War II has not been on the news ever since the execution of that decree. But any discussion of expulsion or deportation gets you the boot not just from Daily Kos, but now even from ostensibly right-wing sites like Little Green Footballs and Hot Air. Because, as we all know, it’s (drum roll, please) “racist”.

And there is the word, “Nazi”, which is the same, just on steroids. The right-wing blogosphere is, in part, awash in Nazimania—in the craze of proving how the Counter-Jihad movement in Europe is being hijacked by Nazis. Yes, Nazis, as if this were still the 1930’s in a literal sense! You see, we’re now so done, so finished with the job of neutralizing the Leftists and repulsing the Muslims that we can now concentrate on the Next Big Thing™: ghosts from the past. The impulsive boss of LGF and his like-minded commenters (because the others have all been banned) did not stop to think whether the branding of certain European parties as “racist” and “white supremacist” and even “Nazi” might, just might, have something to do with the Left-Wing Spin Machine. You know, the same propaganda mill that brands LGF itself as a “fascist, racist, hate-mongering site”, and which is behind the move to criminalize all criticism of Islam as “racism”, “Western imperialism” and “Islamophobia”. So now the budding anti-Islamization movement in Europe, in the continent that is in a far worse state than the USA (and in many ways Israel too), has to contend not only with the concerted effort of the Gramscian Left and the Islamic colonialist enemy, but with smears from the American Right as well. Great, just great.

“Are there no Neo-Nazis? Are there still no Ku Klux Klan members? Are there no people in real life behind the screen names you see on Stormfront?” Yes to all, there are all those. But in this fiesta of finding Nazis everywhere, the sense of proportion has been lost: the preference of focusing on classical racists and Jew-haters rather than on the new imperialists and anti-Zionists may be compelling, especially when propped up by a treasonous media and academe managed entirely by people who have been brought up on the Marxist “dialectic”, but it is wrong. Plainly wrong. It’s about as wrong as worrying about “freedoms curtailed by wiretapping and other measures” while turning a blind eye to the real loss of freedom resultant of Politically Correct and pro-Islamic pressure and legislation (or put it this way: How many of those “brave, courageous” artists who’ve displayed unflattering depictions of Jesus are willing to do as Lars Vilks, of Modoggies fame, has done?). Yes, there are some of the scum from the 1930’s, or re-enactors of them, around, but the danger from them is by far eclipsed by the menace of today’s true heirs of the Nazis and their equally nefarious enablers: the Muslims and the Marxists, respectively.

You worry about the Jews of Europe? The Diaspora is on the way out. So our prophets foretold us. Even those of the USA are not guaranteed to stay there for long. In the meantime, there is a state full of Jews on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, surrounded by those who follow the same religion as Hitler’s ally, Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the religion founded by the one who ordered a mass grave dug and the Jews of the town murdered and thrown into it, thus predating the Einsatzgruppen by about 1,300 years. Hitler was on the march to the British-ruled Land of Israel; he was stopped at Al-Alamein, but no matter, the Muslims are perfectly intent on finishing what he failed to complete (God forbid). All aided and abetted, by the way, by the European Union.

Photo: niqab-clad Muslim women holding a sign that says, "God Bless Hitler" (accursed be those who think such evil thoughts)

The European Union. That part of the Caliphate-in-the-making, with its open borders and unrestricted immigration policies serving as an irresistible honey-pot for Muslims from all over the world. Marching, under the regime of Multiculturalism, to the abyss of Islamization, of full subsumption into the House of Islam, day after day. And do you know what would fall to the Muslims if Europe fell to them? Not just lands and culture, which would be a tragic loss in itself (remember the Bamiyan Buddhas? The treasures of Florence could meet the same fate), but also technology, and worse, weaponry. We are rightly worried about the prospect of Iran making nuclear weapons, but the threat of the whole European arsenal (or even the arsenal of just one European state is bad enough) falling into the Muslims’ hand like a ripe fruit has to take a back seat to ideological purity, to doing a search-and-destroy of Nazis within the Counter-Jihad Movement. Real smart, people.

Israel gained nothing for its “anti-racist” push to ostracize Rabbi Kahane. The non-Muslim resistance to the Islamic invasion can only stand to lose from taking the Leftist bait. One of our sages was once cursed by a witch, and then replied to her, “Go away; your words have no power over me, for to God alone is the power”. This magic word, “racism”, needs to be treated like the empty curse it is, not given such great consideration. As Baron Bodissey concludes, in the moral of a story:

Ladies and gentlemen, the handcuffs labeling you as “racists”, “Nazis”, and “Islamophobes” are simple to remove and discard.

The door of the PC Multicultural bus unlocks easily, and invites you to jump off and escape.

“In addition”, said Cato the Youngster, “I think the Muslims must be expelled”.

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Blogger Bar Kochba said...

ZY, you truely are an inspiration. I enjoy your posts so much.
Anyone who disagrees with the PC party line is labeled a racist even most of the things don't have to do with race. Islam is not a race! As for Israeli Arabs, traitors should be punished regardless of ethnicity. That goes for the Neturai Karta members, just so the Arabs won't feel discriminated against. Sinply pointing out facts is racist like by saying that Muslims have committed over 9000 violent acts since 9/11 you are an 'Islamophobe'. I would gladly stop linking Islam with violence when Muslims do the same thing!

G-d bless you. Keep up the good fight.

November 01, 2007 1:09 AM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Bar Kochba, thank you!

Posting on Gates of Vienna is a relief for me because of the freedom allowed (relative to LGF), but not all the posters there are likable. Oh, I know, I know, this isn't supposed to be likable, it's a blog, not a social gathering. But at least they're a realistic lot: they (and I) share in common the belief that taking care of the matters at home is more important right now than grandiose plans of "nation-building" and the like.

My blog has now made a transition on the ideological count as well: where previously the stance was, "Israel's struggle as part of the global anti-Islamic resistance", now it's, "Israel's struggle as part of the global anti-Islamic resistance and nationalistic resurgence". When it is emphasized that Zionism is Jewish nationalism, and that nationalism means the right of nations to protect their self-determination within well-defined borders, then the legitimacy of expelling all the Muslims from the Land of Israel naturally follows. Of course, the Torah gives us all the legitimacy we need, but it'll be doubly neat if we can do it as part of a worldwide trend.

The Druzes of Peki'in are fools. There's no reason they should be against us, no reason why any non-Muslim Arab should be aping the Muslims. No reason, that is, except for sensing the weakness of our government, which means impunity. But I'm not in favor of expelling non-Muslim Arabs, some of whom are very loyal (e.g. the Christian Arabs of Abu Ghosh). An offering of peace in exchange for their abandonment of all alliance with the Muslims should be extended. To the Muslims, no peace-offering should be made; they only take such offers in order to regroup and rearm.

I ramble in this late hour. Good night, and HaShem bless you.

November 01, 2007 2:44 AM  
Blogger Yehudi01 said...

ZY, like BK, I also thoroughly enjoy your blog. This information is so critical...the world must first realize that the media villifies Israel regardless of what reality dictates. The UN is a huge purveyor of Jew-hate as they allow any representative of any nation to stand up and rail against Jews / Israel, often to a standing ovation. I guess the first step is to educate the world, and severely punish those along the way that wish harm upon us. Meek as a lamb, viscious as a rabbid wolf I say.

November 01, 2007 4:30 AM  
Blogger Nyog of the Bog said...

Thank you, Zionist Youngster. I am so grateful to have found my way to your blog via Gates of Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Your mind is as an oasis, your words, precious drops of water. Your writing has come as a revelation to me. Such experiences do not happen often in a life time if ever. You have confirmed me as a Zionist Christian in a way I would not have never thought likely.

Its sad too, with what has taken place of late. I shall never feel the same comfort with Hot Air as before.

November 01, 2007 10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just made the move to Israel and havent been online much lately, what happened with Hot Air?

And ZY, thanks for your always brilliant and lucid commentary.

Have you ever considered writing full time? While in Israel you might need to write anonymously to avoid charges of "incitement to Racism" I think the people desperatly need your message

November 01, 2007 5:51 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Hello all,

This is a time of great doubt for me. Charles just quoted a few unsavory comments appearing on the Brussels Journal, and I can't dispute the quotes nor their conclusion: there are a lot of Jew-hating scum among those European nationalists. But I'm not going to do a flip-flop, because the problems of forbidden topics (expulsion and the like) and naivism (belief in "winning hearts and minds") on LGF still stand.


I'd settle for educating our own (Jews). The world, and I have this on experience, is by and large unwilling to even listen to our side of the story. The Messianic Age (may it arrive soon, amen) will see the closing of the doors of education, and the opening of the doors of punishment--heavy punishment and retribution rained on all those who hate us.

Nyog of the Bog,

Thank you for your support! Especially in this period of great ambiguity.


Welcome back home!

Hot Air has followed in the footsteps of LGF in falling in the Leftist trap of seeing "racists" and "Neo-Nazis" everywhere inside the European Counter-Jihad Movement. The right-wing blogosphere has been rent in two, and the resulting waste of time and energy has been humongous.

I doubt I could even write anonymously, if you're talking about a print publication. Who'd accept it today? Even anonymously, this has little chance of holding--the publisher would be arrested before you could say, "Jack". But if you think otherwise or have alternative ideas, I'm eager to hear them.

In the wake of this kerfuffle, it has dawned on me how few reliable allies we have. Whether Americans holding to naive positions or Europeans still under the same spell that has haunted Jews living on that toidland, there's precious few who truly understand both our current situation and our eternal dreams. I feel like stopping all this talk of allies... just, you know, withdrawing into a Jewish shell, into focusing on our affairs alone, without looking at the global context, without considering our fight to be just a part of something bigger. And most importantly, I feel there's too much of kochi v'otzem yadi in my writings, and too little reliance on Him who really holds all the strings.

HaShem bless you all.

November 01, 2007 6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Cornish descended Australian. In other words my ancestors were in Britain 1000s of years before the english. Didn't stop them from expelling me back to Australia in 2003. Being expelled from a country is not the end of the world. I really believe that if the English see fit to expel me they can expel their unassimable muslim minorities who are only there to colonise.

November 01, 2007 7:57 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Anon, you said:

"I really believe that if the English see fit to expel me they can expel their unassimable muslim minorities who are only there to colonise."

In a sensible world. Not in ours. In our world of PC, non-Westerners can't be imperialists, non-Biblical religionists can't be aggressively intolerant (their intolerance is whitewashed as "reaction to being wronged"), non-Europeans can't be colonialists and non-whites can't be racists.

The idea that the indigenous people of Britain could be under threat--or indeed that Britain or any other European country has indigenous people at all--is pooh-poohed from the start, and any attempt to act in self-defense is framed as a continuation of "Western colonialism".

Despite all my reservations express above, the fact that the Jewish State is confronted by the same demographic issue as the European states and the fact that Zionism is opposed by the Left for being just another instance of "Western, white European settler colonialism" are reasons enough for me to see affinity. It's time to throw off all the 19th- and 20th-century accusations ("colonialism", "Nazism") and stand up for our nationalities.

God bless.

November 01, 2007 8:47 PM  
Anonymous kepiblanc said...

ZY: Greetings from Denmark and keep up your good spirit!
All this 'racism' paranoia is gobbledygook to me. I'm color-blind. For example: anyone can become a Dane if he/she wants to. Lots of examples with people of all colors. Just learn the language and behave decently. That's all. So this war isn't about skin color or some 'clash of civilizations" (that would require at least two). It is a war with civilization on one side and barbarism on the other. And since the barbarians reject to become civilized (some call it 'integration'), there's no other solution than mass deportation if something far worse is to be avoided. Fjordman is right.

November 02, 2007 11:40 AM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Hi Kepi! Good to see you here.

I don't know how much the considerations of race play a role in the politics of each European country. I have come to the conclusion (provisional, of course, like most of them) that the emphasis in Europe on "whiteness" is largely a reaction to the anti-white "reverse" racism of the multi-culti establishment. Therefore, even when the talk of "white Europe" is dominant, then when put in context it is evident that seeing Nazis everywhere in Europe is over the top, a result of a context-free perspective. I should know better than to make context-free judgments, seeing how the Leftist enemies of Israel criticize it for "apartheid" without regarding the context (e.g. the "Apartheid Wall", without regarding the fact that Muslim suicide terrorism prompted it in the first place).

Gates of Vienna is an excellent place. The thing I like about it most is how steeped in culture it is, from the get-go. The name (the reference to 1683), the top banner showing "Vienna viewed from the Belvedere Palace", and the historical and cultural references in all the posts. This is a blog run by people who know their stuff. Warts and all, it's top-notch.

There's a slight problem I have with GoV that can be found in blogs in general: the tendency toward theoretical discussion. LGF takes this to the extreme, with posts displaying the horrors of Islam for all to see (important in itself, and kudos to LGF for that), but then, inside the threads, free discussion of what to do against all those horrors is forbidden. LGF thus serves as a venue for complaining, bitching, kvetching about it. The trouble is, people naturally tend toward bitching, and you see that on GoV as well. There needs to be more mindfulness of that matter, and an effort to resist bitching and start raising suggestions for real-world solutions. As Sheik Yer'Mami says: "This thing will not be won by cyber-warriors". This is why LGF's derailment, over the Internet, of a real-world counter-Jihad conference was so distressing in my eyes. The real world is the goal, the online world being only in the service of it. Not the other way round. I like this quote, from the same link, by commenter "Elric66" (addressed to another commenter):

"The one thing about LGF that you have to understand is this. They do understand the threat of Islam poses on the free world but they will never offer any concrete way to defeat it. They aren't at the point where they will agree that some hard choices will have to be made in order to survive. [...]"

HaShem bless you.

November 02, 2007 1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ZY,I think your basic approach of fighting the Muslims by strengthening Nationalism is the correctpath, but we must also be careful about who we work with, and I am not wild about the idea of alliances because the Rambam so clearly forbides them, but I dont see a problem with working with people who have similiar goals.

November 02, 2007 3:47 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Thank you, KL, very much. This is just the type of advice I need now. I've been conflicted lately, and the learned, Torah-based perspective is absolutely essential in order not to pave the road to hell with good intention.

Shabbat Shalom!

November 02, 2007 3:51 PM  
Anonymous kepiblanc said...

ZY, I agree 100% with you. While the LGF theorists tickle each others' monitors they fail to realize that the war is already on. Cities like Antwerp, Paris and Malmoe are warzones right now, and taking casualties almost daily. Heck, even parts of Copenhagen are no-go zones. So rather than buying new laptops, let's buy new guns.
God bless you too, ZY - have a nice week-end (Shabbat Shalom ?) :-)

November 02, 2007 6:20 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...


Yes, that is indeed "Shabbat Shalom", thanks! And now I'm back, so Shavua Tov (="Good week").

I was about to ask how buying guns could work, seeing as Europe has gun-control laws (Israel is the same, by the way, though for different reasons--not nanny-statery but the military conflict around us); but then I realized, on reading Paul Weston's article on GoV, that this is soon going to be a moot point.

I wish you luck. You and all of us. We're all headed for trying times. The period of which the Jewish sages said: "When it comes, let me not be there to see it". But with God's help and with faith in the rightness of our way, we will prevail.

HaShem bless you.

November 03, 2007 7:09 PM  
Blogger Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H What can I say? There you go again...making sense. ;-)

1) That proposed, new law banning travelers to enemy countries from standing for Kenesset, it wouldn't surprise me if so-called "Jews" were behind the protest. It wold mean that Yossi Beilin couldn't travel to Syria or Gaza either (as you pointed out).

2) You brought up Num. 33. I've been trying to get together a list of all p'suqim, references from Haza"l and Rishonim which would be considered "hasatah" (incitement) under Israeli Law. It's only a matter of time that the Leftist gov't will start banning these things, first from educational curriculum, and next from libraries, etc. (God forbid) It would be a massive project though. First I have to see who's interested. I'd like to beat the gov't to the punch, as it were. Haredim for the most part have suffered under the hands of the police like settlers. However, they really need to wake up to the fact the we're on the same side. Once their youth fully realize that "da'as Torah" is NOT a halachic response to a she'alah, then maybe they'll all wake up and see that it's Torah that the Gov't is against. Then we will have unity, and an unstoppable Torah army.

3) These days it seems that "racist" really means "racist against everyone, except it's still OK to hate Jews."

4) One of the important psychological bases for Rav Kahane's HY"D expression of Torah applied today is found in Listen World, Listen Jew. I believe every American Jew should read this book. Assimilation doesn't work. Do Jews in America know anything about what is authentically Jewish?

5) Summing up 3 and 4, Rav MK Benny Elon's father was one to rule on the case of whether the Ka"kh party was racist. When Rav Kahane showed that he was only basing his part's platform's on Torah/Halacha, Judge Elon said something about how he believed in a "different Torah" than Rav Kahane did. Go figure. We're still dealing with these kind of people. The Arabs and Leftists maybe problems, but sometimes I feel that the codependent "mamlachti" (undying loyalty to the state) religious are more of a problem.

November 04, 2007 12:23 AM  

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