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Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Night Megalinkfest

In the wake of this transition period (more about that in a later post, HaShem willing), here is a linkfest to bridge a possible gap until my new offerings come up.

Dhimmi Watch: an example of the platform-neutrality of the resistance to Islam: Not a dime’s worth of difference…, from October 27, 2007.

Little Green Footballs: an Islamic youth leader issues a niqabveiled threat to Australia should relations of the police with the Muslims not improve: Aussie Islamic Leader: The Violence Will Continue Until Relations Improve, from October 28, 2007.

Oleh Musings: Michael collects the news report to form a clear picture of what the goals of the “Palestinians” are (not that the Leftists are going to accept this information, for it would mean giving up their cause celebré, a cause far more important than trivialities like Tibet or Darfur): And the Campaign Continues…, from October 25, 2007.

Sultan Knish on the the issue of European resistance to Islam, which is now making the waves on the right-wing blogosphere: Brussels Journal, Altas and LGF: Dealing with the Devil, from October 29, 2007.

Woman Honor Thyself: Angel outlines most brilliantly why the term, “hate speech” is the first step on the road to the PC straitjacket: You say “Hate Speech”, I say “Truth”, from October 22, 2007.

Atlas Shrugs: Pamela (who was the other main actor besides Charles Johnson in the beginning of this spat) defends the European parties resisting Islam: Nazis? By Their Fruits We Shall Know them.......And so we know them, from October 28, 2007.

For Zion’s Sake: Bar Kochba comments on the Israeli Arabs’ (including Knesset Members. “Knesset Members?! How can there be non-Jewish Knesset Members?! Israel is an apartheid state!” /moonbat) latest round of treason: Treason Most Foul, from October 28, 2007. As in Europe, as in the USA, as in any country that cares about its national cohesion, so too Israel needs to deport, expel all those who can’t abide by its national sovereignty.

Israel Matzav: Carl brings a piece of news that dovetails perfectly with the Australian Islamic youth leader’s threat: ‘Palestinians’ threaten war again, from October 29, 2007, where the Pretendestinian leader Abu Ala says Israel can expect war if it does not cave in to the blackmail of Annapolis. Muslims operate the same ways everywhere. So much for seeing the Israel/“Palestine” conflict as a “nationalistic land dispute”.

Elder of Ziyon: the Egyptians claim that Israel is treating the “Palestinians” like the Jews were in the Holocaust that never happened: Egyptian newspaper compares Israeli prison—and Gaza—to Auschwitz, from October 26, 2007. This ties in to an article on Countercurrents (linked below).

Media Backspin: an argument I’ve often made is now repeated by Michael Medved: A World Without—Pakistan?, from October 29, 2007. Kudos to Medved, who follows up on an honorable article of his I linked to in January exposing the fraud of the “Palestinian nation”.

Kafir Canada: a new blog, with the post Islam is Peace in Word, but…in Deed?, from October 28, 2007. All are agreed that the picture on the top of this post needs to go viral:

Picture: "Islam Is Peace" UK campaign banner on a bus, alongside one of the buses damaged by the 7/7/2005 UK Islamic terrorism attack; "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" as the bottom caption
The words and the reality. Click image to view full size.

Brussels Journal: Paul Belien has his word on the recent Nazimania that has gripped LGF: Are We All Nazis Now?, from October 27, 2007.

Vanishing American: on how the fear of being called “racist” is cowing even those on the Right against making a strong stand for national interests: PC everywhere, from October 26, 2007.

Gates of Vienna: Danish commenter Kepiblanc gives a clear and rant-free opinion the resistance to Islam in Europe: Kepiblanc Weighs In, from October 28, 2007. Down in the comments are some of mine too, detailing why I changed my mind about the whole issue, and why I left LGF.

Thus from our side (infighting notwithstanding). And now for some from the enemy (the real enemy), to serve as a recording:

Common Dreams: Michael Birmingham complains that the world has been silent on the massacre of the “Palestinians” by the Lebanese Army at Nahr Al Bared: What Happened in Nahr Al Bared?, from October 25, 2007. Here’s a hint, Michael: the silence is because this event is of no use in bashing Israel, which is the entire raison d’être behind the Left’s support of the “Palestinians”. Maybe you should give Leftism a rethink, hmmm?

Common Dreams: Jared Genser and Meghan Barron indulge in typical Leftist hypocrisy: America Must Do More to End Myanmar Misery, from October 26, 2007. America must do more to end Myanmar misery?! The same America whose “imperialist meddling” the Left blames for nearly all the world’s troubles?! This is a contender for the Brass Chutzpah Award Winner.

Countercurrents: no-holds-barred “Jews are Nazis” inversion from Khalid Amayreh: Gaza: The Auschwitz Of Our Time, from October 26, 2007. The writer should be a high-priority candidate for being brought to stand trial by the future Sanhedrin, speedily in our days, amen.

Daily Kos: Lefty Coaster isn’t as outspoken, but the message is pretty much on the same vein: Israel Tightens it’s Economic Noose on 1.5 Million Gazans, from October 28, 2007 (yes, the apostrophe on the possessive pronoun is in the original). Rockets on Israel every day? No matter: cutting off fuel to Gaza is a war crime (this from the same types who say Israel isn’t at war but maintaining an occupation). “Palestinians” ought to be independent from Israeli fuel and electricity, if it’s all about their “self-determination”? Who cares—Israel is engaging in collective punishment. Hamas democratically elected (as the anti-Israel posters on DKos like to mention), therefore its positions reflect the will of all those who elect it, thus making them deserving of collective punishment? I’d probably be called a Nazi (with or without “Zio-” before it) for making that suggestion.

Tha… That’s all, folks. And now to the drawing board. ’Till next time, with God’s help!

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Blogger Michael said...

I took some time earlier to read some these. You've got some good reading here.

And thanks for the hat tip!

October 30, 2007 2:12 PM  
Anonymous Debbie said...

When you say MEGAlinks, you mean it. All fine blogs and fine articles. I haven't visited Sultan lately, shame on me. Headed over there now.

October 30, 2007 10:09 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...


I also did a template update: deleted a few defunct links, added some new ones, and put an "Important Posts" heading on the sidebar, à la Gates of Vienna.


Actually I meant quantity (i.e. an usual amount of links, even in comparison to my reciprocals for Haveil Havalim... hmmm, long time since I submitted something to HH, come to think of it). But if you think they're of mega quality as well, then all the better!

HaShem bless you both.

October 31, 2007 10:21 AM  
Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

hey ZY!..thanks for the amazing links and for including yours truly!

October 31, 2007 8:21 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

You're welcome, Angel!

HaShem bless you.

November 01, 2007 12:04 AM  

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