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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Persian Letter

O people of Persia, this is a letter
From a member of a nation as ancient as yours;
Written in the hopes of a small improvement
Before the guns of war drown all out with their roars.

In the days of king Koresh
You were most blessed.
In an age of ruthless empires,
You are still numbered among the best.

We, the nation of Israel, still remember your king,
As does all the world, for he is in the Bible recorded;
For his tolerant rule, granting us return to our land,
God him the status of anointed accorded.

We remember you for good, except for one period
When you let a non-Persian go against your needs.
God be thanked, Haman ended up hanged, and his family,
But everyone is condemned to repeat history unless he its lessons heeds.

People think of Persia, and they imagine:
The carpets, the cats, the courtly festivals of wine;
The rich ornamentation of Khosro’s palace,
With its golden halls and dresses of silks fine.

Picture: Courtly Persian wine-drinker

Iran is known for its gardens, so much so
That we have from Persian the word, “Paradise”;
Gardens of beauty, the envy of the world,
Looked upon by desert nomads as the afterlife prize.

And even after those nomads took what was not theirs,
Persia still maintained its creative pulse, its original rhythm,
Providing the world with poets and scientists,
Innovators like Al-Khwarizmi, for whom is named the algorithm.

Screenshot: Title screen of the computer game, "Prince of Persia"

But ever since the people of the desert robbed yours
And placed you within their caliphate’s pale,
O people of Persia, can you not see?
The best you can hope for under them is to be the lion’s tail.

It is better, of course, to be the fox’s head, as you were,
Than the lion’s tail, or even a human riding a camel;
Far worse, then, O people of Persia, is what Islam has for you:
Not to ride, but to be ridden by the camel!

Is it becoming for Koresh’s nation to prostrate
In the direction of a small, black cube in the desert?
Is it the fitting destiny of Ardashir’s descendants
To carry out tasks to the Arabs’ whim and comfort?

Photo: the Kaaba

HaShem is our guardian, He does not sleep,
He executes judgment on those who assault his city, Zion.
He told Abraham, after Ishmael tried to murder our father Isaac:
“Drive him out as your wife says—I will make another nation his scion.”

And now the Muslims repeat their forefather’s transgression:
Attempting to murder those who came out of his half-brother;
Why should you, O people of Persia, be entangled
With the ongoing feud of a family other?

Come, O people of Persia, return to your former glory,
Leave subservience to interests not yours, to purposes foreign.
Abandon enmity toward those who need not be your enemies,
Stay away from a conflict whose end could only be barren.

Iran was once master of a vast area of land,
Its culture radiant, its achievements legion,
But now, for over centuries thirteen, it is in slavery,
To the black stone in the desert, to Ishmael’s religion!

Photo: a Muslim kissing the black stone

Such would be one of history’s greatest tragedies,
If Persia is used by Islam to its demise.
It need not be so: if only you throw away those alien chains,
Iran will live in peace, in prosperity—a paradise.

Photo: a Persian palace garden

[UPDATE, October 31, 2007]: Happy Cyrus Day to you too, Mr. Imani! May Iran soon be ruled by true Iranian, non-Islamic leaders of her choosing, instead of people who serve Ishmaelite-Islamic interests.

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Blogger Bar Kochba said...

Islam has destroyed and reduced many beautfiful and ancient civilizations. The people of the Maghreb who are of Berber descent have been forcibly arabicized and are forbidden to speak their native tongue.
In Iraq, the US should give the Kurds independence which might be used as a symbol of the throwing off of the Arab yoke. It could reverberate across the Islamic world.
Another reason why the US should send troops to Darfur, besides the obvious moral reason, is to reinforce the fact that Arab Muslims kill black Muslims and the Infidels protect them.

September 30, 2007 2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think more then anything else the tragedy of Persia shows what Islam does to people, in the ancient world the Persians were renowed for their culture and their tolerance towards non-Persians. Now because of Islam they are among the most barbaric and cruel people in the world.

September 30, 2007 6:00 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

Thank you, my friends! The period of chagim has made me very busy, so I'm sorry for this neglect.

HaShem bless you.

October 03, 2007 11:58 AM  
Anonymous ptah said...

Bar Kochba, protecting muslims in general is a lost cause: America tried to get brownie points by protecting Bosnian Muslims from Bosnian Serbs, and their gratitude lasted until it asked them to live peaceably with the Serbs, at which point it became the Great Satan again.

Better to protect the Christians and animists in Sudan than the Muslims: the former are required by the scriptures to be grateful and thankful when thanked, while the latter have not be programmed by Islam to regard any aid from the Infidel as proof that Allah forced His Will upon the Infidel to protect his Chosen People.

October 09, 2007 6:46 PM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

I agree with Ptah. Bush's greatest mistake to date has been his stance that "Islam is a religion of peace". Had this war been waged from the premise that the enemy is none other than Islam, the results would have been different and much better.

Progress toward victory ought to be measured by the yardstick, "How much Islam there is in the world". Bush's blunder in Iraq isn't such a net loss as Clinton's choice to help enemies (perpetual enemies) over friends in the Balkans, yet the plight of non-Muslims in Iraq qualifies for the great setback in that affair.

There is no winning Muslims' hearts and minds--Islam programs them to hate the non-Muslim no matter how kind and generous he is toward them. There is no way to victory except by (to borrow a certain Iranian Muslim's wording) wiping out this ideology from the pages of time.

October 10, 2007 2:50 PM  

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