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Monday, April 16, 2007

Tip: Haveil Havalim #112

Yid With Lid does issue #112 of the toppest Jewish Blog Carnival, for April 15, 2007. It’s a big one, because it comes after the Passover hiatus, and so I feature a bigger number of favorites.

  1. Daled Amos makes the head of the list because of well-speaking of Eretz Yisrael, in his post Why come live in Israel, from March 28, 2007, quoting Rabbi Chaim Malinowitz.
  2. Elder of Ziyon exposes an egregious instance of Phakestinian Phraud in his post “Destitute” PalArabs lose millions to con man, from April 10, 2007, where those who sell to the world an image of “poverty-stricken, downtrodden people” are shown to have wasted huge sums to a con man.
  3. From Boker tov, Boulder! comes a tribute to the 3,252th anniversary of the death of Joshua, from April 14, 2007; which leaves me begging to HaShem: “Please, HaShem, can you bring us a replacement for our current weak, clueless leaders even a tenth as good as Joshua? Please!”
  4. Carl in Jerusalem, owner of Israel Matzav, has the post ‘Unilateral withdrawal’ – the ultimate in cynicism, from April 9, 2007. What I get from this is the demonstration of how estrangement from the heritage of Israel (as shown by Schueften’s loathing for the Ultra-Orthodox Jews) necessarily leads to a self-hating rootless cosmopolitanism that favors our enemies over brothers and friends.
  5. Media Backspin details, in the post “Grandstanding For The Cameras”, from April 11, 2007, the media-consciousness of the “Palestinians”. The know-how of the Muslim enemy in working the Western media is something we must never take lightly.
  6. Lchaimlover of Oy Bay! (Wow, what a cool name for a Bay Area Jewish blog!) has the post A Walk through the Tunnel of Oppression, from April 11, 2007, where once again it is shown that the other side is interested in perpetuating its hatred toward us to the very end (G-d forbid) rather than making real steps toward peace. Let’s sign treaties with them—because pieces of paper are a much better guarantor of permanent peace than frivolous things like reforming the way they educate their children. Yeah, right.
  7. David Bogner of Treppenwitz has the post Quantifying that which shouldn’t be quantified, from April 8, 2007, where he takes our chattering classes to task for proposing an eifah v’eifah (double standard) regarding Israeli Jewish victims of Islamic terrorism. Chilling.
  8. The carnival host, Yid With Lid, has the post What Kind Of Pesach Will Our Grandchildren Celebrate?, from April 2, 2007, writing on how “Never Again” is a slogan to earnestly live by, in view of the circumstances of today.
  9. Saving for the last, a post on a subject I write on frequently on my blog: Chaim of Freedom’s Cost has the post Eurabia Express, from April 12, 2007, on the creeping Islamization of Europe, and how it is caused by lack of ideological self-confidence.

My posts on this issue of Haveil Havalim: Out of the Galut, from April 8, 2007, and Compassion, from April 10, 2007. I also submitted the post From Exodus Past to Salvation Future, from March 30, 2007, but Yid With Lid had too many submissions to deal with already—he did a super job, and for that he deserves our congratulations.



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Thanks for the link! Yeah, I like our name, too. :-p

April 18, 2007 6:42 AM  
Blogger ZionistYoungster said...

You're welcome, Veyster! ;-)

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